Romeo & Juliet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) sets release date for 6th Aug

Thrilled to finally announce that my score for the National Theatre film production of Romeo & Juliet will be released digitally worldwide on 6th Aug. It is now available for pre-order on AmazonRomeo & Juliet is directed by Shakespeare Theatre Company Artistic Director Simon Godwin, adapted for television by Emily Burns and stars Jessie Buckley, Josh O’Connor, Tamsin Greig, Fisayo Akinade, Adrian Lester, Lucian Msamati and Deborah Findlay. The filmed version of William Shakespeare’s classic play about two young lovers who strive to transcend a world of violence and hate was shot last year over the course of three weeks at National’s Lyttelton theater. The drama premiered earlier this year in the UK on SkyArts and made its U.S. debut in April on PBS.

Here’s a full track list of the album:

1. Two Households (1:44)
2. Where Is Romeo? (0:44)
3. Can You Love the Gentleman? (0:46)
4. Queen Mab (2:15)
5. Capulet’s Party (feat. Jessie Buckley) (2:53)
6. Palmers’ Kiss (feat. Jessie Buckley) (3:52)
7. My Bounty Is As Boundless As the Sea (feat. Jessie Buckley) (1:46)
8. Juliet (feat. Jessie Buckley) (0:42)
9. Wedding (feat. Jessie Buckley) (2:03)
10. Mercutio And Tybalt (2:19)
11. Will You Walk? (feat. Jessie Buckley) (4:24)
12. Your Romeo WIll Be Here at Night (0:30)
13. Give Me Your Hand (2:47)
14. One Kiss and I’ll Descend (1:21)
15. Graze Where You Will (2:58)
16. Tell Me Not of Fear (2:27)
17. I Defy You, Stars (3:09)
18. A Lantern, Slaughtered Youth (1:45)
19. Seal With a Righteous Kiss (1:48)
20. O Happy Dagger (1:21)
21. Juliet and Her Romeo (feat. Jessie Buckley) (2:45)
22. Romeo & Juliet (feat. Jessie Buckley) (3:14)


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4 responses to “Romeo & Juliet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) sets release date for 6th Aug

  1. Sivan

    YES! Finally :) I’m so excited to play this on repeat. Will it be on only amazon or Apple Music and such? Thank you.


  2. Hey! Congratulations! Been really waiting for this! :) x


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