As You Like It – West End

Super excited to return to the stage for the first time in over a decade to play my brand new score for As You Like It at @sohoplace. @sohoplace is the first new theatre built in the West End in 50 years. I’ll be performing (and improvising!) throughout the show on a custom built magic piano. Directed by Josie Rourke with a stellar cast. Performances run 6 Dec 2022-28 Jan 2023.

More details here

Much Ado About Nothing (Again, Again!)

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Photo credit: The Washington Post

This time in Washington DC with The Shakespeare Theatre Company and set in a DC newsroom.

Had an absolute riot with Simon Godwin and the whole team at the STC in glorious DC. This is the third time I’ve scored this play but this production feels as fresh as ever. Runs at the Sidney Harman Hall from Nov 11th – Dec 11th.

Photo of Rick Holmes and Kate Jennings Grant by Jeffrey Ray

Romeo & Juliet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Released

It’s finally here! From the National Theatre, Sky Arts and PBS, the new Romeo & Juliet album.


1. Two Households (1:44)
2. Where Is Romeo? (0:44)
3. Can You Love the Gentleman? (0:46)
4. Queen Mab (2:15)
5. Capulet’s Party (feat. Jessie Buckley) (2:53)
6. Palmers’ Kiss (feat. Jessie Buckley) (3:52)
7. My Bounty Is As Boundless As the Sea (feat. Jessie Buckley) (1:46)
8. Juliet (feat. Jessie Buckley) (0:42)
9. Wedding (feat. Jessie Buckley) (2:03)
10. Mercutio And Tybalt (2:19)
11. Will You Walk? (feat. Jessie Buckley) (4:24)
12. Your Romeo Will Be Here at Night (0:30)
13. Give Me Your Hand (2:47)
14. One Kiss and I’ll Descend (1:21)
15. Graze Where You Will (2:58)
16. Tell Me Not of Fear (2:27)
17. I Defy You, Stars (3:09)
18. A Lantern, Slaughtered Youth (1:45)
19. Seal With a Righteous Kiss (1:48)
20. O Happy Dagger (1:21)
21. Juliet and Her Romeo (feat. Jessie Buckley) (2:45)
22. Romeo & Juliet (feat. Jessie Buckley) (3:14)