Romeo and Juliet film

Honoured to have written the original score for this new motion picture (and trailer!).

Watch the world premiere for free at 9pm Sunday 4 April on Sky Arts (UK) and 9pm Friday 23 April on PBS (US).

16 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet film

  1. The score was absolutely beautiful! Are you able to release it anywhere? I’d love to hear it more

  2. Congratulations what an incredible score! It married so well with the story, film and emotion of the piece. Really enjoyed it. Thank you

  3. This score really, really did a number on me. Looking forward to having the ability to listen to it by itself soon??? (fingers crossed)

  4. Absoloutly tantalizing score that moved my heart. That pulsating beat at the party was captivating. Thanks mate!

  5. I’m still thinking about this score months on! Any update on the release?? I’ll wait however long it takes.

  6. Hello! I wanted to tell you that I absolutely adored the score. It’s very very beautiful. Is there any chance that it can be found in any platform or online?
    Lots of love from Argentina!!

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